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Hey everyone! I'm Anna, the owner and official toykeeper of the Imagination Emporium. A regular work day for me might include tracking down the coolest gadgets and gizmos, testing out (playing with) the new arrivals, or helping customers and kids find the perfect toy that lets their imaginations run wild! 
I opened Imagination Emporium in July 2015 as a way to share my love of toys with the public. I will forever enjoy seeing the childlike wonder of new visitors, young and old, as they experience the nostalgia and magic of the store!


Hi everyone! My name is Ryn, I'm the manager of the Imagination Emporium and I've worked at the store since October 2020. My daily duties include toy "testing," helping customers, and wrapping gifts. The best part of my job is playing a card game or two with my coworkers in our spare time (don't let Savannah fool you, I always win). 
I have loved my time at the Imagination Emporium, and I can't wait for future customers to experience the magic of the store too!



Hi there, I'm Savannah! I serve as social media/website coordinator and remote buyer for the Imagination Emporium and I've been a part of the team since March 2019. I'm in charge of social media marketing, website management, and the birthday club. However, my favorite "responsibility" is testing out the toys with my fellow toy-keepers. Whether its a leisurely game of jazzminton or a fast paced, competitive game of tenzi, we make sure the toys are ready for our customers. We also enjoy the occasional puzzle or board game.


Hey! My name is Mary Lynn and I've been apart of the Imagination Emporium team since November 2020. I'm in charge of phone customer service and processing inventory. I am also the unofficial taste tester for our candy section. Its a hard job, but someone has to do it! 
My favorite part about working at the Imagination Emporium has been interacting with the customers, and getting to be apart of their toy store shopping experience!



Hi there! My name is Meredith Camille and I've been apart of the Imagination Emporium team since September 2021. I do a little bit of everything at the store. From processing inventory to gift-wrapping, my tasks at the store look different every day! 
My favorite part of working at the Imagination Emporium is the people. Getting to visit with new customers and "regulars" always puts a smile on my face. 


Hey everybody! I'm Perry, the store mascot! I have many responsibilities including greeter, playmate, guard dog, snuggle buddy, honorary polar bear, trash can checker, AND (my personal favorite) lunch eater. I love everything about my job, but the best part of my day is when I  get to greet visitors! 

I attend doggy day care all during the week, but if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of me and Anna strolling through town!

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